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Every Monday 5:00 to 8:00 PM

Everett Poetry Night

The Sister's Resturant

2804 Grand Avenue, Everett, WA 98201
EvPN Sisters Crowd.jpg
EvPN Sisters Poster.jpg
EvPN Sisters First  Night.jpg
EvPN Scott.jpg
EvPN Eric k Sisters.jpg
EvPN Duane Sisters.jpg
EvPN David J.jpg
EvPN Eric C.jpg
EvPN Anthony.jpg
EvPN Azral.jpg
EvPB Group Sisters.jpg
EvPN Trevor.jpg
The photos above our from our NEW 2022 Location:
The Sister's Restaurant.

The photos below are from two
incarnations of Café Zippy's.
EvPN Greg Bee 1 23 2020.jpg
EvPN Sonja.jpg
Evpn Peggy by Gary.jpg
EVPN OutDoor 1 Z.jpg
EvPN Dareen Indoors.jpg
EvPN CAfe Zippy Open Gary.jpg
EvPN 3 5 2020.jpg
EvPN 3 5 20.jpg
EvPN 2020 Danni and Logan.jpg
EvPN Emma 3 5 2020.jpg
EvPN 1 16 2020.jpg
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